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What Bloggers did in Luxembourg 2015

So for the end of the year, i had once again a look at the blogging scene here in Luxembourg. So honestly, what happened in the scene. Last year i did this already and i have to say that after one year a lot of new pages came up!

Last year on the first place there were many fashion bloggers. And as it appears nothing changed there. They still make the first place. Lots of people seem to be interested in this domain. Even real life meetings take place and this community seems to be alive and kick-in.

Second place in my eyes seem to be (i call them) Instagram bloggers. These are people who mainly post pictures. From any situation in life. Not really any text but the focus is really on photos.

Third place goes to food bloggers. So they lost in my eyes a place but still a strong community and in my eyes the community which is underrated for the work they put into their pages!

On the last place come many blog’s who are very specialized. And i have to say that those blog’s as well as the food bloggers put a lot of effort and their hearts into their blog’s which is in my eyes the most important thing for a blog. Simply putting up pictures of stuff you bought, tried out and photographed is less complicated than building up a complete story around your post. It takes much more time to think, prepare and realize those posts than taking some pictures on the go as you walk a city or do shopping.

But anyway that’s only a personal opinion and certainly everybody who puts work into ist page deserves respect for it! So keep up the good work!

Fir d’Enn vum Joer hunn ech alt erëm eng Kéier d’Blogger Seene hei zu Lëtzebuerg an engem Post zesummen gefaasst, genau ewéi ech dat schonns läschte Joer gemeet hat.

Lëschten Joer loungen d’Moude Blogger op der éischter Plaatz an ewéi et schéngt ass dat dëst Joer och den Fall. Een ganzen Koup vun Leit schéngen an deem Domaine interesséiert ze sinn an et gëtt mëttlerweil esou guer eng ganz Rei vun Evenementer wou sech sou Leit erëm fannen.

Op der zweeter Plaatz kommen fir mech (ech nennen se) Instagram Blogger. Dëst sinn Leit déi haaptsächlech Fotoen bloggen. An egal wei enger Liewes Situatioun oder wou och ëmmer. Hei läit den Fokus virun allem op Fotoen an manner um Text.

Op drëtter Plaatz kommen d’Blogger déi iwwert Iessen schreiwen. Un sech hunn se an mengen Aen eng Plaatz verluer, mä ech sinn eierelch gesot der Meenung dass se een bëssen ënnerbewäert sinn, well hir Bloggen wierklech vill Zäit an Virbereedungen an Usproch huelen.

Op leschter Plaatz leien een ganzen Koup spezieller an individueller Säiten. Ewéi gesot fannen ech dass déi Säiten an d’Food Blogger leider dacks wierklech ënner estiméiert sinn fir déi Aarbecht déi se an hir Posten stiechen. Einfach Fotoen ze maachen vun Produiten oder Platzen an ze posten ass denken ech manner ustrengend ewéi dat wou een Koup Blogger opbréngen fir een interessanten Post ze erstellen.

Mä nichts desto trotz, dëst ass nëmmen meng perséinlech Meenung an all Blogger sollt un sech den Respekt kréien well en dacks zimlech vill Zäit an seng Posten investéiert! Also weider sou mat der gudder Aarbecht!

Dear Spam Commentors

So my dear friends of the SPAM fraction! I don’t know how bad other Bloggers are concerned, but I get comments almost every week, where some unknown people are answering in English to my Luxembourgian and German posts about how excited they were about my design, my post’s and what so ever. I really am anoyed by those people just wanting to get their links anywhere… They even are so clever to follow up and are disappointed that I filter my comments and that I control them manually. So they repost after a few hours asking why their message didn’t show up.

Honestly I am impressed how those Spammers are organised or how the automatic programs work! Really! But I do not know if I’m the only concerned or if this is a global phenomena. So if anybody has similar visitors, feel free to comment and if I see that you’re not a Bot, I will allow and post the comment! =D