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Dear Spam Commentors

So my dear friends of the SPAM fraction! I don’t know how bad other Bloggers are concerned, but I get comments almost every week, where some unknown people are answering in English to my Luxembourgian and German posts about how excited they were about my design, my post’s and what so ever. I really am anoyed by those people just wanting to get their links anywhere… They even are so clever to follow up and are disappointed that I filter my comments and that I control them manually. So they repost after a few hours asking why their message didn’t show up.

Honestly I am impressed how those Spammers are organised or how the automatic programs work! Really! But I do not know if I’m the only concerned or if this is a global phenomena. So if anybody has similar visitors, feel free to comment and if I see that you’re not a Bot, I will allow and post the comment! =D

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