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The not so China Copy

So a few weeks ago I reported that I bought myself a boogie board, a so called E-Ink tablet where you can write onto. The same time I found a similar product in china which I ordered and which arrived now a few weeks later.

Honestly this is the first copy of a device where me for myself I found the copy better than the original! Simply amazing! Apart from the fact that it has no magnets on the back the display itself is better in my opinion. And the original Boogie Board has a less good quality in the production which you can see on the borders. I made a few pictures which i will include so you can see what i mean.

Pros and Cons

  • The Original has magnets on its back so you can stick it to many surfaces.
  • The Original also has the ability to stand up by itself.
  • The writing quality is definitely better on the Copy. Lines are thinner and nicer!
  • The production of the Copy seems better to me than the Original. Astonishing!
  • The Copy came with a Bag and a second pencil. Nice!
  • Coloring the whole screen shows that the Copy is better!

Touching the screen with fingers can leave traces but it is similar on both devices so no special opinion there. I will also buy the larger Copy (not available of the Original) and see how it is keeping up…

2016-09-13-09-32-43 2016-09-13-09-33-14 2016-09-13-09-33-32

2016-09-13-09-32-32 2016-09-13-09-34-11 2016-09-13-09-35-09

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