How To Remote Desktop to your Raspberry Pi

So at some point i wanted to access my Raspberry Pi without the need to have it always hooked up to my (or any) screen. So I looked it up and collected all the needs and the problems with its solutions.

First of all, you need a running Wheezy installation. It needs to be hooked up to your network and to the internet. After that you need to connect yourself with your regular operating System onto the console of the Pi. I use therefore PuTTY which is a common program for these things under windows. Download it and make an SSH connection into your Pi.

After that to start we simply update the Raspberry to the latest Version. To do that use the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

You will need to confirm that you want to update and that these updates will take some more space on your partition. Depending on the state of your device, this might take some time. Have a break…

This is not really needed to install the remote desktop server, but it is always good to have the latest version of the programs so that errors which might occur are reduced to the maximum! Now we can come to the main part.

To be able to connect to the Desktop we will use a tool called XRDP. To install it you need to insert the following command

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Again you will need to confirm that you want to install it and after that all the needed stuff is installed. After that a reboot of the device should be done.

sudo shutdown -r now

When the device comes back up the complete process should be finished. All you will need is to connect yourself with your RDP Program to your Raspberry. In Windows you can use the Standard tool “Remote Desktop” for that. You will need to enter the IP of your Raspberry. See my screen-shot as an example (it is in German but it should be similar in English) and simply click connect.


When everything went right you should be seeing a login screen similar to this:


So if you reached as far, you did everything right! But there might be some problems logging in…

The language Problem

Some more informations for people with having issues logging in. If you came to that screen everything is working fine. If you cant log in, there might be an other problem with your keyboard! In the field of the username you can test your keyboard to see if all your keystrokes are transmitted the correct way. This is a language issue. Here comes the solution i had to look for on a few places on the net.

SSH again into your Pi. Then you need to go tho the following location /etc/xrdp so you have to use the following command for this:

cd /etc/xrdp/

After that you can use the command ls to see which files this directory contains. It s all about km-????.ini files (???? stands for numbers corresponding to the country code). Initially xrdp uses km-0409.ini (English) but I want to use a German Keyboard so i should be using the km-0407.ini. The country codes can be found here. Not all the ini Files are on your device but Google should be able to help you to find them. You simply need to copy them into the same folder and do the same trick.

To start, we will create a copy of the original km-0409.ini which we will name km-0409-copy.ini with the command:

sudo cp km-0409.ini km-0409-copy.ini

After that we copy the German layout (km-0407.ini) over the Original Version (km-0409.ini)

sudo cp km-0407.ini km-0409.ini

Finally the xrdp program needs to be restarted which we do with the command

sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp restart

After that use your Remote Desktop Program to login and your keyboard strokes should arrive the correct way on your Pi.

Mission Accomplished! Now you can enjoy your Pi on your regular system without hooking it extra to a screen. Okay there might be some limitations but regular stuff works anyway!

Why you should not use any public wifi…

So i fell onto this article which treats security matters of data transfers in networks. And this becomes quiet spooky when you use it in a public Wifi Hotspot.

Anyway i do not want to be the guy who only tells people what not to do because bad things could habben. This article is exactly about what hackers are able to do on a daily basis and no this is not any invented stuff! Things like HTTPS and other Encryption wasn’t invented for geeks, but for the personal security of any internet user.

This is the real deal, not the stuff you see in movies! Everything described in that article was at the time it was written clearly not a hoax! But security of some sites has been increased so some of the techniques are not possible anymore… Or not as easy as they were…

Always use as much Security as possible and this might for example be not to use any Free Internet Hotspot.

Ech sinn op een Artikel gefall deen iwwert Sécherheet handelt vun Netzwierker. An et gëtt zimlech onheemlech wann een gesäit wat engem mat engem publik Wifi Hotspot geschéien kann.

Also ech well net ëmmer den Typ sinn deen den Leit ëmmer nëmmen seet wat se net dierfen maachen well hinnen soss schlecht Saachen geschéien kéinten. Ma dësen Artikel weist ganz genau wat Hacker op deeglecher Basis maachen. Sécherheet ewéi HTTPS an soss Verschlësselungen goufen net erfonnt fir Geeken, ma fir déi perséinlech Sécherheet vun all Internet Benotzer

Deen Artikel ass d’Realitéit, net den Schäiss deen een an Filmer gesäit. Alles wat an deem Artikel beschriwwen gëtt, war zu deem Zäitpunkt wou en verfaasst gouf definitiv esou méiglech! Mä d’Sécherheet huet Fortschrëtter gemeet an net alles ass méi sou einfach méiglech, op mannstst net wei et deemools war.

Benotzt ëmmer esou vill Sécherheet ewéi méiglech an dat kéint z.b. heeschen net egal wei een Gratis Internet Hotspot benotzen.

What Bloggers did in Luxembourg 2015

So for the end of the year, i had once again a look at the blogging scene here in Luxembourg. So honestly, what happened in the scene. Last year i did this already and i have to say that after one year a lot of new pages came up!

Last year on the first place there were many fashion bloggers. And as it appears nothing changed there. They still make the first place. Lots of people seem to be interested in this domain. Even real life meetings take place and this community seems to be alive and kick-in.

Second place in my eyes seem to be (i call them) Instagram bloggers. These are people who mainly post pictures. From any situation in life. Not really any text but the focus is really on photos.

Third place goes to food bloggers. So they lost in my eyes a place but still a strong community and in my eyes the community which is underrated for the work they put into their pages!

On the last place come many blog’s who are very specialized. And i have to say that those blog’s as well as the food bloggers put a lot of effort and their hearts into their blog’s which is in my eyes the most important thing for a blog. Simply putting up pictures of stuff you bought, tried out and photographed is less complicated than building up a complete story around your post. It takes much more time to think, prepare and realize those posts than taking some pictures on the go as you walk a city or do shopping.

But anyway that’s only a personal opinion and certainly everybody who puts work into ist page deserves respect for it! So keep up the good work!

Fir d’Enn vum Joer hunn ech alt erëm eng Kéier d’Blogger Seene hei zu Lëtzebuerg an engem Post zesummen gefaasst, genau ewéi ech dat schonns läschte Joer gemeet hat.

Lëschten Joer loungen d’Moude Blogger op der éischter Plaatz an ewéi et schéngt ass dat dëst Joer och den Fall. Een ganzen Koup vun Leit schéngen an deem Domaine interesséiert ze sinn an et gëtt mëttlerweil esou guer eng ganz Rei vun Evenementer wou sech sou Leit erëm fannen.

Op der zweeter Plaatz kommen fir mech (ech nennen se) Instagram Blogger. Dëst sinn Leit déi haaptsächlech Fotoen bloggen. An egal wei enger Liewes Situatioun oder wou och ëmmer. Hei läit den Fokus virun allem op Fotoen an manner um Text.

Op drëtter Plaatz kommen d’Blogger déi iwwert Iessen schreiwen. Un sech hunn se an mengen Aen eng Plaatz verluer, mä ech sinn eierelch gesot der Meenung dass se een bëssen ënnerbewäert sinn, well hir Bloggen wierklech vill Zäit an Virbereedungen an Usproch huelen.

Op leschter Plaatz leien een ganzen Koup spezieller an individueller Säiten. Ewéi gesot fannen ech dass déi Säiten an d’Food Blogger leider dacks wierklech ënner estiméiert sinn fir déi Aarbecht déi se an hir Posten stiechen. Einfach Fotoen ze maachen vun Produiten oder Platzen an ze posten ass denken ech manner ustrengend ewéi dat wou een Koup Blogger opbréngen fir een interessanten Post ze erstellen.

Mä nichts desto trotz, dëst ass nëmmen meng perséinlech Meenung an all Blogger sollt un sech den Respekt kréien well en dacks zimlech vill Zäit an seng Posten investéiert! Also weider sou mat der gudder Aarbecht!

Bitcoins on the move again

For all those of you, who know what Bitcoins mean, here my call that the game about the evolution of the currency is on again ;-)

During the last week, the value of Bitcoins went from about 300$ up to just over 500$ but couldn’t keep it’s value for a long time. In less than 12 hours it went aggressively down again an so did the risks linked to Bitcoins go back up again.

Why this is worth an entry? During the last few month, the value of the currency always stayed between 220$ and 280$. This was far away from it’s record which was over 1000$. For the last year the value was quiet stable, compared to the extreme variations of the last days!

As usually… Don’t play with money you can not afford to lose!

Fir all déi, wou Bitcoin net iergend een Friemwuert ass, hei dann den Appel dass d’Wetten rëm amgaangen sinn ;-)

An deeër leschter Woch ass den Cour vun knapps em 300$ op just iwwert 500$ erop geschoss, ma huet sech mol keng 12 Stonnen halen kënnen. Aktuell ass en rëm am fräien Fall an huet erëm een extremen Risiko.

Firwat mir dat eng Meldung wäert ass? Déi leschten Méint ass den Cours ëmmer an der Géigend vun 220$ an 280$ ronderëm gependelt. Dëst wor wäit vum Rekord Cour vun iwwert 1000$ ewech an wor ower elo dat leschten Joer wierklech roueg. Mä esou krass Schwankungen sinn wierklech extrem seelen um Marché!

Ewéi ëmmer… Spillt net mat Geld wat der net bereet sidd ze verléieren!

Baofeng and Pofung Comparisons

I wanted to publish for some time now a very simple comparison of Baofeng / Profung Amateur Radio devices. You can find those devices for a cheap buck anywhere on the net and this is how i fell over them as well a few years ago. Something needs to be said before starting: You need a Amateur Radio License to use these devices! They are not allowed to be used by everybody, even if a lot of sellers do say so in the online shops. And you are not allowed to use them on PMR, LPD or Freenet Frequencies. So if you respect these rules you are good to go!

That said, there are some other information’s, you should know for these devices. They come from China and the quality is what you pay for! Honestly in my opinion the production quality is excellent. The houses of the devices are of excellent plastic. Some of you might say, that they can not be compared to the high quality devices from other brands, but honestly paying twice or even ten times the price of some devices is nice if you don’t have anything else to do with your money! For starters, simple projects or small budget people, they might be a real alternative.

The only tricky thing about the devices is the programming. If you would like to do it by the official software, you will be reminded how Chinese they are. The software always starts in some Chinese signs and you need to find the menue with the languages. But as soon as you get that, you’re ready to go! One last thing about software for your devices. For each model there is a different software and you need the right one to be installed and used for each model. Chirp works as well but not all functions might be working.

2015-10-24 17.47.50

Model UV-5R
LCD Screen Yes Yes No Yes
Band 70cm + 2m 70cm + 2m 70cm only 70cm + 2m
Double PTT Button No No No Yes
Power Output 4-5 Watt 4-5 Watt 2 Watt 4-5 Watt
Price +/- 33 € +/- 34 € +/- 20 € +/- 43 €
Remarks At the beginning was… Follow up of the UV-3R but a major improvement apparently! The Plus version apparently does a little more frequencies on the edge and it has a shiny front panel. It’s the classic Baofeng device! Very simple and cheap 70cm device. Has a simple voice scrambler integrated. Has different LCD Screen (honestly not optimal for use in the sun) but has the double PTT button (no need to switch channels for talking on different channels).

Me for my part I am very satisfied for what I paid for! I do also own Yaesu devices and have access to various other manufacturers of professional devices, and I have to say that the signal might be more clean than on the china devices, but for my private needs it is more than enough!

GCHQ Password Guidance

GCHQ, the UK Intelligence Agency, published a Password Guidance booklet where you can find interesting advice’s on passwords. These advice’s and information’s are interesting for IT Responsible as well as for Private Users.

It gives interesting facts on how often passwords are used on different accounts by the same user etc. It might be interesting to give it some thoughts.

Considering the position op GCHQ in the recent events of the NSA scandal, these guidelines need to be viewed from a critical point of view! Simplifying passwords makes it easier for the users, but also easier to crack etc.

Den GCHQ, den Briteschen Geheimdéngscht, huet een Bichelchen publizéiert an deem een interessant Fakten an Informatiounen iwwert Passwierder fannen kann. Dëst ass fir IT Responsabeler ma och normal Benotzer.

Et fënnt een doranner interessant Fakten ewéi oft zum Beispill déi selwecht Passwierder benotzt ginn bei verschiddenen Accounten. Et ass also definitiv eng interessant Approche.

Berücksichtegt een ower dem GCHQ seng Positiounen am rezenten NSA Skandal, dann muss een dat ganzt aus engem kriteschen Bléckwénkel gesinn. Einfach Passwierder maachen et méi einfach fir hier Benotzer, ma se maachen et och méi einfach se ze knacken etc.